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About DenMed Ltd

We are based in the West Midlands in the heart of the UK, as such we are perfectly situated to meet the needs of clients across the country. Training can be delivered in-house at the practice or at a venue provided by the client.

Over the years we have broadened our client base to work more effectively and efficiently with practice teams. To ensure our training courses are accessible and affordable we now deliver some courses through HEE Postgraduate Departments.


DenMed provide a range of training courses specially tailored for the dental profession. Courses are certificated through national awarding bodies and meet educational criteria for Verifiable Continuing Professional Development. Each of our courses has been designed to offer optimum information in the most effective timeframe. DenMed recognises that no workplace is risk-free, this is why we take a risk based approach in the information we impart to our clients.

All of our courses meet the requirements of the GDC Enhanced CPD scheme.

All face to face courses are delivered at a location of your choice (this can be in-house) and on dates determined by the client.

Visit our courses page to find out more about our range of training courses.


DenMed carry out health and safety audits in dental practices, we help you identify gaps in your health and safety management system and whether you are in breach of any legal and organisational requirements. We then support you in developing and achieving reasonably practicable improvements within an agreed timescale. Our audits assist practices in preparing for a CQC inspection.

For more information about consultancy services, course specifications, structure and fees please do not hesitate to contact us.

What do DenMed provide for their clients?

  • Tailor courses to your specific requirements
  • Balance the needs of individuals and the organisation
  • Provide access to verifiable CPD
  • Base our training on real life events and case studies
  • Deliver training in a fun, interactive and supportive manner
  • Provide work based health and safety templates
  • Assist in assessing health and safety performance and support areas for improvement
  • Conduct all activities in a friendly respectful manner, using a pragmatic and non-judgemental approach
  • All of our courses meet the requirements of the GDC Enhanced CPD scheme